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This site is intended to be read by, Those interested in Throat cancer and its effects on the sufferer.

I have found over the last few years that there is a general ignorance about throat cancer. Not intentional I am sure but more because it doesn't affect many other people. Believe me, when it happens to you or a member of your family, you will think differently. Some people have asked me about my laryngectomy and life. I looked at websites that deal with my sort of cancer but they are designed for the sufferer and not for the inquisitive. There are pages about my cancers. They can be accessed by clicking on the page at the top. 


As I find it difficult to talk at any length due to the surgery I am going to attempt to tell you about my experience here. You can start to find out from the beginning by reading. The first section "The Story So Far" Covers the first and second cancer plus other things that are effected. My attitude has changed a lot. This Is covered in the section “3 Years On" That can be found in "After Second Cancer" Some of it is a bit long winded so pick and choose what you want to read.

Just a few words before you begin to introduce myself and my family. My name Is William John Pickup, known as John. I am now 65 and live in Haverhill, Suffolk, UK. I live with my wife Hazel. We married in 1972. Both happily retired now and having a good life. Our sons James aged 40 and Daniel 38 are both away from home. James lives in Oxfordshire and is engaged to Samantha . Daniel lives in Lincolnshire with his wife Sarah. We have no grandchildren yet.

I’ve had various jobs in my working life. In 1965 I left school and became an apprentice hairdresser. I started my own business in 1972,   which I kept until I developed back problems in 1990 and sold up. I had a few sit down jobs afterwards. Financial Adviser, Office Manager in the Plywood Industry, buying and selling plywood, mainly from Brazil.  A Supply Chain Coordinator, shipping chemicals all over the world. An Office Manager in the Aircraft Industry and finally the Shipping Industry again,I got the first cancer while I was a Supply Chain Coordinator for the first time. The second one was diagnosed just after we moved to Haverhill.

Before you enter the site it is important that you know. It is now nearly four years since the laryngectomy and I am in a much different place now than I was when most of this was written. My attitude to people's reactions has changed tremendously. I mostly ignore people looking with puzzlement when I speak. It is probably because they have never come across anyone like me before. This goes for staff in shops to. Life is now fairly mundane and routine.

Other sites that have been useful  The website for cancer suffers and those interested. The site where I order my supplies. A manufacturer where I learn about new Provox products.  Also a manufacturer where I learn about new SpiroTect products. The website that I found useful in the beginning for information on Benefits etc. Also for printing leaflets.


On facebook I have also found a lot of groups that I have joined. They are good because all the members are fellow sufferers. You will need to join these groups if you wish to comment otherwise you can just visit. The ones I have jjoined are as follows:-
LARYNGECTOMY SUPPORT - The one I use most.
STRICTLY SPEAKING - Another support site that I also use.
SURVIVORS OF HEAD AND NECK CANCER - Another support group though open to a wider group of people.
THROAT CANCER - A support group even though the name is quite daunting.
ESOPHAGEL SPEECH SUPPORT - A group for those who use esophagel speech.
HEAD AND NECK CANCER SUVIVOURS - A similar support site worth a visit.
LARY’S SPEAKEASY - A fairly new group and quite relaxed.  Is a site that I enjoy. It is interesting to have other peoples outlook on life


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